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Why Specify the SEMCO IQHC Active Chilled Beam?

Features and Benefits Provided By the SEMCO IQHC Active Chilled Beam

The SEMCO IQHC beam provides exceptional cooling/heating output while simultaneously minimizing the water side pressure loss (pump energy) and accommodates a wide range of primary airflows to suit the needs of almost any project.

Cooling:  With all passes used for cooling (two pipe), the coil cooling power output has been increased by up to 50% over our previous highest capacity chilled beam.  The SEMCO IQHC beam now delivers a cooling capacity (at typical design conditions) that exceeds the competition while using less pump energy.

Heating: When configured as a 4 pipe beam (heating and cooling) the IQHC is available with added heating passes (if needed) to provide a substantial   increase  in   heating  output  when  compared  to  our previous highest heating capacity beam as well as beams offered by the competition.

These capabilities increase system energy efficiency while reducing the length of the beams that may be needed, thereby reducing the first cost of the project.