NEUTON Multiple Zone

  • NEUTON-Multiple Zone is the solution to help effectively apply chilled beams for individual comfort management. More and more designs switching to individual temperature controls for offices (or similarly small zones) rather than trying to control a large open spaces where temperature, humidity, and, ultimately, comfort can vary widely across a zone.

    NEUTON-Multiple Zone is a controlled chilled beam pump module (CCBPM) capable of monitoring and controlling active chilled beams simultaneously in up to five rooms, such as single user offices, library study rooms, and hospital rooms. It consists of variations on the original NEUTON including modified onboard software, combination temperature/humidity monitoring sensors and thermostatically-controlled hydronic valves for up to five zones.

    NEUTON is the key to the 3fficiency system because it manages 3fficiency's water system to allow for a building level occupant control that is superior to all other systems. >> Learn more about 3fficiency 

    NEUTON-Multiple Zone, like the original NEUTON, is receiving industry recognition for its role in superior comfort, indoor air quality, and energy efficiency.

    Dealer Design Award for NEUTON-Multiple ZoneRead about NEUTON-Multiple Zone's Dealer Design Award in ACHR's "The News".

    NEUTON-Multiple Zone in "Engineered Systems"