Synergy Plus (SP)

  • The SEMCO SynergyPLUS™ (SP) Energy Recovery Module of outdoor air preconditioners has been specifically designed to reduce the energy required to cool or heat the outdoor air by as much as 80%. The SP module also allows the Trane® Precedent™ roof top air-conditioner system to effectively and economically accommodate the three-to-four fold increase in outdoor air quantities, which is recommended by the ASHRAE Standard 62, Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality. This unique capability allows both new and existing buildings to benefit from healthy indoor environments.

    A SEMCO SP Energy Recovery Module is designed to improve humidity control when combined with the Trane® Precedent™ rooftop equipment. Because the SEMCO unit preconditions the incoming air to the packaged equipment, the required refrigeration capacity can be reduced by as much as 50%. Thus, the costs of the SP preconditioner and its installation are typically offset by the reduced size of the Trane® Precedent™ system. Generally, any first cost premium is paid back within the first year of operation.

    The SP selected with the Economizer option allows compliance with ASHRAE 90.1 - 2013 providing true 100% outdoor economizer airflow capability with low fan hp, low leak dampers and advanced controls interlocking the compressors on the Precedent unit to provide optimum energy savings.

    The SEMCO SP system is a packaged system which includes supply and exhaust air fans, outdoor and return air filtration, and SEMCO Fusion (TEC) total energy recovery wheel. The Fusion wheel recovers both sensible (temperature) and latent (moisture) energy. Therefore, it cools and dehumidifies the outdoor air during the cooling season, while heating and humidifying the air in the heating season.

    PrecedentTM is a registered trademark of Trane International, Inc.