• ASHRAE Standard 62, Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality, defines the minimum outdoor air ventilation rates required to achieve acceptable indoor air quality. This standard, which is referenced in part or whole by all building codes in the United States, recommends that outdoor air quantities be increased from 5 cfm per person to 20 cfm per person (in an office environment) to avoid adverse health effects. Although most owners, architects and engineers recognize Wheel Retrofit Quotethe benefits of bringing in more outdoor air, many are concerned about the impact on equipment and operating costs.

    SEMCO wheels provides the solution to the ASHRAE 62 mandate. In conjunction with an Energy Recovery Unit the SEMCO wheels help to pre-cool and dehumidify the outdoor air during the cooling season and preheat and humidify the outdoor air during the heating season. As a result, the outdoor air quantity can be increased from 5 to 20 cfm per person without increasing energy costs.

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