True 3Å

  • True 3AThe SEMCO True 3Å Wheel has the industry’s highest recovery performance (AHRI Certified) and Recovery Efficiency Ratios (RER). Anti-corrosion, anti-microbial anti-stick face coatings are standard. This wheel is supported by an improved extruded aluminum structural hub, spokes and rim system. True 3Å  is available singly, in self-contained conditioning units, or as retrofits of existing wheels.

    AHRI Guideline V was developed to calculate the efficiency of energy recovery ventilation. A metric was put in place to report recovered energy divided by the power used to recover that energy. SEMCO developed a wheel providing end users the industry best RER.

    SEMCO pioneered an application of a 3 angstrom desiccant on wheels to improve indoor air quality in buildings by not transferring exhausted VOCs back into the fresh outdoor air. Contaminant carry-over with True 3Å is less than .045%

    It was a concerted effort by SEMCO to understand the real world application of energy wheels. The focus of SEMCO wheel technology is to have nearly equal latent and temperature transfer. Having an enthalpy wheel results in a significant cooling season energy savings, but, equally important, the ability to operate at much lower winter ambient conditions without condensation or frost formation.

    SEMCO recovery wheels employ fluted aluminum media for true laminar flow and require minimal maintenance. They effectively operate with low efficiency filters without impacting the long term performance of the recovery device. 


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    >> Read the site inspection summary "Longevity of the SEMCO TRUE 3A wheel: Confirmed in Continuous Laboratory Exhaust Environment"






            Competitor Wheel                                       SEMCO True 3Å






    Measured Average Contaminant Carry-Over Percentage1 (%) of the True 3Å Wheel Versus the Competition. 

    Note 1: Results Based upon laboratory testing showing average contaminant carry-over for eight different chemical families. ASHRAE 84 procedures followed, contaminant familes chosen by the Georgia Tech Research Institute.