eQ Series

  • The SEMCO eQ Series is available with an airflow range of 1,500 to 15,000 CFM. However, this is not your average energy recovery unit. The eQ boasts features that assure maximum benefits and savings for its users.

    Each eQ is equipped with a SEMCO 3A enthalpy recovery wheel which provides high latent recovery balanced with pressure drop. This allows for a reduced chiller/boiler plant size and a lower connected load.

    Through the use of the enthalpy wheel energy is recovered from the exhaust air, and, therefore, less energy is consumed to heat and cool down the supply air. By using improved fan and motor technology electricity consumption by fans is reduced. Controlling the system temperatures, flows, and schedules translates to energy savings.

    When all of this technology is combined maximum savings can be achieved. eQ is the solution that gives you high efficiency which translates to a great return on investment.