IQHC Active Chilled Beam

  • IQHC is an intelligently designed active chilled beam that has the highest industry cooling capacity with the lowest air and water pressure drop.

    The industry of chilled beams generally utilizes fixed nozzles, creating difficulties for design and commissioning with regards to air and pressure. SEMCO’s approach is to utilize adjustable nozzles, allowing the engineer to design around a single termination pressure. The test and balance contractor then has an easier time of system wide balancing to one pressure.

    After SEMCO’s first 50 U.S. chilled beam installations, it became evident that designers and contractors were disadvantaged by the chilled beam industry. At the time of order, a number of items would have to be coordinated for the beams to be fabricated for successful installation. Duct location, water location, which nozzle set, what duct size... and the list continues with the options. Then, once the beams arrive, the contractor would have to spend countless hours sorting through the beams to find the exact beam for a specified room. SEMCO has implemented the Universal Beam feature to alleviate the complications, and created a 12 configuration solution. This streamlines and simplifies the process and reduces errors.

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