Fire Rated Panels

  • The fire-rated panels, sold as part the SEMCO PANL Solutions product line, are known as FR-PANL Solutions, a National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 251 compliant acoustical/thermal panel for HVAC system and power generating enclosure, plenum, ductwork and structural wall barrier applications. In addition to a low thermal transfer rate, its integrated structure and acoustical protection make this product code-compliant for many applications.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Quick-installing tongue-and-groove design eliminates possibility of air and noise leaks and reduces installation cost
    • Roll formed tongue-and-groove construction, fully enclosed and insulated joint provides a better fit with closer tolerance
    • SIgnificantly low thermal transfer rate exceeds two hours of protection during fire events
    • Panels up to 12’-0” long adds strength, rigidity, and easier installation
    • No-thru-metal panel designed for low temperature and condensation problems that standard panel construction cannot satisfy

    Application Examples:

    • Interior walls
    • Stairwell chase
    • Elevator shaft
    • Equipment rooms
    • Penthouse construction
    • Building cladding
    • Rectangular ductwork
    • Custom fire protection