Service Manager

  • Position Title: Service Manager                               
    Date: 10/03/18  
    Organization Unit: AQS                              
    Reports To (Position Title): Service Director

    Position Scope:

    Generates Reports for Service Sales
    Works with the EBS Sales Manager for Forecasting of Sales/Pricing of Resources
    Generates Reports keeping track of Claims
    Ensures all resources are utilize to ensure proper Sales numbers
    Provide customer service function for resolving customer complaints, warranty repairs, all service related issues.

    Major Responsibilities: .

    Provides assistance to Customers with issues and questions on all SEMCO Air Quality System products.
    Sets pricing for parts/Service labor rate.
    Oversees Projects with Service Coordinator.
    Report service and product issues to Quality Manager.
    Oversees field work with SEMCO subcontractors.
    Investigate, negotiate and prepare independent contracting of service throughout the United States.

    Major Tasks: .

    Provide calm, rational interface for customers.
    Contact vendors for issues on purchased items already in field.
    Works with EBS Sales Manager to estimate labor and material for field repairs.
    Directly Supervise AQS Service Coordinators/tech adviser.
    Approves/Disproves Claims

    Job Type: Full-time