Celebrating 40 Years of Service and Innovation

  • Thursday, May 15, 2003

    SEMCO is proud to celebrate its 40th year of service and innovation to the HVAC/R market.

    Columbia, MO - May 15, 2003 -- SEMCO is proud to celebrate its 40th year of service and innovation to the HVAC/R market. Since its founding as a sheet metal fabrication company with five employees, SEMCO has built a reputation as a world-wide product innovator in the science of air movement and air quality with more than 300 employees and more than 300 manufacturer's representatives.

    SEMCO President William E. Thurman underlined the crucial contribution of SEMCO's staff to the success of the company over the last 40 years. "Great companies always build from their strengths, and that's exactly what we have been doing at SEMCO. We have always been recognized as a technology leader, offering our customers high quality products and services. Yet SEMCO's core strength resides in its exceptional people," Thurman said. "It is their skill, dedication, and hard work that sets us apart from the rest."

    "Having enjoyed 40 years of continual growth and innovation, I am delighted that SEMCO is positioning itself today for a future of outstanding work at the very foundations of building science and human comfort," Thurman said. "Our goal is to develop an increasingly powerful portfolio of solutions designed for specific applications and industries. We are focused on indoor air quality issues facing our industry today and beyond."

    From the first total energy recovery wheel with a water selective desiccant and the first passive dehumidification system to the first comprehensive custom duct and acoustical estimating software package, it happened at SEMCO. Continuing with its heritage of innovation, SEMCO research and development teams continue to craft new products not only for the HVAC industry; but products that will take SEMCO into new markets.

    Over the past two decades, SEMCO has explored many different approaches that would allow it to maintain its knowledge and research-based strategies. Although the process is by no means complete, SEMCO remains a vital organization in an industry in which many of the venerable company names have disappeared. Not many organizations survive, let alone thrive, for 40 years. SEMCO is proud to have reached this milestone.

    About SEMCO
    Located in Columbia, Missouri, SEMCO is a unique indoor environment products innovator serving the key disciplines of air distribution, noise abatement, anti-microbial paint systems, and temperature and humidity control in the residential, commercial, and industrial building markets.
    SEMCO has its headquarters and research facility in Columbia, Missouri, and operates six manufacturing facilities at the following locations: Crossville, Tennessee; Roanoke, Virginia; Riviera Beach, Florida; Salisbury, Missouri; Morrilton, Arkansas; and Petit Jean, Arkansas.