Contractor Guide The Dollars and Sense of Choosing a Duct System

  • Tuesday, July 5, 2005

    Columbia, MO - July 11, 2005 -- Contractors need a way to squeeze more profit out of their jobs. The new "Contractor's Guide" from SEMCO Duct & Acoustical Products is a valuable resource for understanding the economic impact of selecting a spiral duct system. This guide contains important information that every contractor must understand in order to gain a competitive advantage and reduce their project labor cost overruns.

    The "Guide" references surveys conducted by SMACNA and U.S Department of Commerce which states that labor, overhead and profit calculate to approximately 65% of the total installed job costs. This basis is important as the "Guide" illustrates the labor savings capabilities of certain configurations of spiral duct systems.

    The "Contractor's Guide" demonstrates the economic impact to the contractor's bottom line with a scenario highlighting the differences between two configurations for a hypothetical $100,000 job. The analysis shows how the scenario with the lowest material cost (often chosen for its low bid price) is not the scenario that yields the most profit for the contractor. Although the other configuration's material cost was 10% higher, the labor saving benefits of the other design resulted in a 53.4% increase in profits for the contractor who selected that configuration.

    The "Guide" also contains a chart with several configuration options ranging from a loose erector set style to a complete manifolded design. The chart highlights the differences in the designs and applies a price and labor index to illustrate the impact of the different choices.

    The chart is followed by a detailed discussion on "how, when & where" to consider using the different configuration options. It is SEMCO's belief that any one configuration is not a one-style-fits-all option, but rather project conditions should dictate whether a more or less customized duct system design would be beneficial.

    SEMCO is a privately held corporation founded in 1963 dedicated to developing and producing cost-effective products and services that improve indoor environments. The company's major product lines include: round and oval spiral duct and fittings; acoustical panels and sound attenuators; and desiccant based energy recovery products.

    For more information about SEMCO, our products or to request a copy of the "Contractor's Guide," visit our website at or contact contact Rick Caldwell, Marketing Director, at 573-443-1481 or by email at