DuctCHALLENGE Offers Online Comparison of Duct Designs

  • Wednesday, October 18, 2006

    Columbia, MO - October 18th, 2006 - Imagine getting the opportunity to "test drive" two different types of commercial duct configurations to determine the amount of labor it would take to install each one. This would allow you to determine which one offers the best overall value after looking at both material labor costs in order to calculate project profitability.

    That's just what SEMCO Duct & Acoustical Products Inc. did.

    At an event held at the company's custom duct manufacturing facility in Roanoke, VA, two groups of sales representatives were teamed together to challenge each other in an installation competition. One group was given a major competitor's "stock" configuration, supplied as loose fittings with uncut spiral duct in standard ten-foot lengths, while the other group assembled SEMCO's custom manifolded duct with many pieces already factory installed and spiral duct cut to length thus eliminating costly job site labor time.

    The results? The custom manifolded duct from SEMCO was constructed in 1/3rd of the time it took the other team to assemble the competitor's product offering.

    It was from this exercise that the ductCHALLENGE was created. The ductCHALLENGE is an interactive online version of the same competition the SEMCO representatives experienced. By putting it online, SEMCO has given all commercial duct contractors the ability to "test drive" these two configurations to determine for themselves which product they would rather use on their job site.

    Experience for yourself the labor saving advantages of a customized duct system, by accepting our ductCHALLENGE. This virtual jobsite will allow you to see the disparity between a loose erector set style of "stock-type" duct components versus SEMCO's offering of complete fittings and cut to length duct. Simply click on the ductCHALLENGE link and within minutes you can assemble the two duct systems, and then review the time and money differences - you will understand why it makes good sense to use custom duct and fittings on your next project.

    For more information about the ductCHALLENGE, contact Rick Caldwell, Marketing Director, at 573-443-1481 or by email at rcaldwell@semcoinc.com .

    SEMCO Duct & Acoustical Products Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of SEMCO, a privately held corporation founded in 1963 dedicated to developing and producing technically advanced, cost-effective products and services that improve indoor environments. The company's major product lines include: desiccant based total energy recovery wheels and systems, packaged ventilation and humidity control equipment, dedicated outdoor air systems, acoustical panels, sound attenuators, noise barriers, spiral, round, and oval duct.

    SEMCO has its headquarters and research facility in Columbia, Missouri, and operates six manufacturing facilities at the following locations: Crossville, Tennessee; Roanoke, Virginia; Salisbury, Missouri; Morrilton, Arkansas; Petit Jean, Arkansas and Arlington, Texas.