Engineers Contractors Owners and Representatives Tour SEMCO Duct and Acoustical Products Inc New Texas Manufacturing Facility

  • Friday, August 25, 2006

    Columbia, MO - August 11th, 2006 -- Engineers, Contractors, Owners and Representatives were treated to a ballgame following the Open House event at the new Arlington, TX manufacturing facility for SEMCO Duct & Acoustical Products Incorporated. A tour of the plant included stops at several of the workstations and product demonstrations highlighted the benefits of the company's products.

    The tour was set up to accommodate customers from the local Dallas/Ft. Worth area in the morning. The afternoon was reserved for those traveling from outside the metropolitan area including the rest of Texas and the surrounding states. The morning group was served breakfast prior to the tour and the afternoon group started off with a catered lunch.

    Jim Walker, Director of Sales for SEMCO Duct & Acoustical Products Inc., was extremely pleased with the event stating, "Our goal from the start was to show off our new facility and its capabilities, but more importantly, we wanted to build on our relationships with our customers."

    To illustrate the pressure loss difference and efficiencies of round duct, SEMCO Duct & Acoustical Products Inc. displayed a round versus rectangular demonstration using fans and a run of each type of duct system ending in an elbow with a five-foot vertical extension. Utilizing the Bernoulli Principle, beach balls floated above each run of duct. The beach ball on the round self-sealing duct system achieved greater height due to less pressure drop and reduced air leakage associated with the round duct.

    Another demonstration allowed guests to visually experience that "all duct systems are not created equal" as illustrated in SEMCO's Contractor's Guide. Attendees were introduced to five configurations of the same duct layout. The duct systems looked the same on plan view, weighed the same, and looked the same once the installation was completed. On one extreme was the labor-intensive, but available "now" stock duct system with erector-set type components including 10' pieces of uncut duct with loose fittings, taps and reducers. The other end of the continuum was the labor saving manifolded duct option. All configurations represented are available from SEMCO Duct & Acoustical Products Inc. The different advantages and scenarios for each configuration was discussed so contractors could have a deeper understanding of how to order product most suited for their job type, labor rate, time frame for completion, and expected profit.

    The other display that kept attendees talking was the acoustical products demonstration. Two enclosures each containing radios blasting at full volume were use to illustrate the sound attenuating capabilities of the company's acoustical panels and in-line duct silencers. Several of the guests commented on how amazed they were that they could see the radios, but could barely hear them.

    In recognition of the first project shipped, SEMCO Duct & Acoustical Products honored, Young & Pratt, Inc. and Mechanical Reps, Inc. as the contractor and representative responsible for making that job a success. To honor this achievement both firms received plaques commemorating San Marcos High School as the inaugural project for the Arlington, TX facility.

    After the tours, SEMCO Duct & Acoustical Products hosted everyone to dinner and a game in the Bullpen Suite at Ameriquest Field, where the participants enjoyed a balcony view of the Texas Rangers victory over the Seattle Mariners.

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    SEMCO Duct & Acoustical Products Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of SEMCO, a privately held corporation founded in 1963 dedicated to developing and producing technically advanced, cost-effective products and services that improve indoor environments.

    The company's major product lines include: desiccant based total energy recovery wheels and systems, packaged ventilation and humidity control equipment, dedicated outdoor air systems, acoustic panels, sound attenuators, noise barriers, spiral, round, and oval duct.

    SEMCO has its headquarters and research facility in Columbia, Missouri, and operates six manufacturing facilities at the following locations: Crossville, Tennessee; Roanoke, Virginia; Salisbury, Missouri; Morrilton, Arkansas; Petit Jean, Arkansas and Arlington, Texas.