NEW AVRON46R Antimicrobial Coating

  • Friday, April 30, 2004

    Cost-Effective Antimicrobial Protection, SEMCO Introduces AVRON46 Antimicrobial Coating for HVAC Air Duct Systems.

    Columbia, MO - April 30, 2004 -- SEMCO announces the introduction of a new antimicrobial coating, AVRON46. This revolutionary new coating is SEMCO's cost-effective answer to the growing concerns over mold growth in HVAC air duct systems.

    "Until now, there has not been a cost-effective treatment for microbial growth in HVAC systems," said Bill Thurman, President and CEO of SEMCO. "Our testing has shown AVRON46 to be very effective in controlling growth."

    AVRON46 utilizes an active ingredient approved by the EPA for use in air duct systems. Tests conducted at a major U.S. laboratory have proven that AVRON46 effectively inhibits microbial growth on HVAC air duct surfaces. Independent tests have also determined that HVAC products protected with AVRON46 meet all UL-181 standards.

    "It is the perfect solution for any area where preventing mold growth is important," said Mr. Thurman. "AVRON46 provides an affordable solution to the increasing concern in the HVAC industry regarding the growth of mold and microbial contaminants."

    SEMCO's spiral duct and fittings product line, protected by AVRON46, will be available beginning May 1, 2004. Silencers and acoustic panels, protected by AVRON46. will be available by June 1, 2004.

    SEMCO also offers a full line of technically advanced desiccant wheel systems and wheel products to improve indoor air quality. As a leader in the HVAC industry for over forty years, SEMCO currently manufactures products in six facilities across the nation.

    SEMCO also plans on making AVRON46 available to the general market as a pre-coated steel product for local fabricators and through OEM partnerships. For further information regarding AVRON46 or to inquire about an OEM partnership, contact Roger Coday at 573-886-5446 or visit