NEW SEMCO expands FV Series to Include 4000 and 9000 cfm Models

  • Friday, May 28, 2004

    COLUMBIA, MO - May 28, 2004 -- SEMCO, known throughout the HVAC industry for product innovation and excellence, has announced the production of the FV-4000 and FV-9000 Fresh Air Ventilators.

    "The FV-4000 and FV-9000 is an extension of our popular FV series of pre-conditioners and they fill a very important niche in our product line up," says Mike Boles, Product Manager for SEMCO's Desiccant Wheel Products division. "SEMCO has made a commitment to both the HVAC engineering community and our customers, to be responsive as a company and to develop products and services that meet and exceed our customers needs, and the FV-4000 and FV-9000 is the result of that commitment."

    The FV-4000 and FV-9000 are compact fresh air ventilation and exhaust systems, which will be available June 1, 2004. These self-contained units continuously replace stale, stuffy indoor air with fresh, outside air. Both units recover up to 80 percent of the cooling and heating energy that would be typically lost in the exhaust air stream. They achieve all this while significantly reducing the energy bills associated with treating large amounts of outside air.

    The heart of the FV-4000 and FV-9000 is the EXCLU-SIEVE total energy recovery wheel. The wheel utilizes an aluminum substrate honeycomb media, which is carefully coated with a patented, fast acting, highly selective, 3Å molecular sieve desiccant. The EXCLU-SIEVE wheel recovers both sensible and latent energy without the risk of cross contaminating the fresh airstream.

    In addition, all FV-4000 and FV-9000 Fresh Air Ventilators are equipped with the AQFlowTM system which effectively determines outdoor and return airflow rates needed for properly balancing an air handling system.

    The time involved in properly balancing an air handling system is reduced dramatically with the AQFlow system. Furthermore, you can easily and accurately verify and document the amounts of air coming into and going from a building, resulting in greater efficiency, economy, and above all, the best quality of air at all times. The FV-4000 and FV-9000 with the AQFlow system, meets the intent of current and future ASHRAE ventilation standards.

    For more information on the FV-4000 and FV-9000 Fresh Air Ventilators or the AQFlow system, contact:

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