SEMCO Duct and Acoustical Products Inc Holds Open House at New Plant

  • Friday, April 22, 2005

    SEMCO Duct & Acoustical Products Inc., opens their newest manufacturing facility in Roanoke, VA.

    Columbia, MO - April 22, 2005 -- SEMCO Duct & Acoustical Products Inc., opened their newest manufacturing facility in Roanoke, VA., in early February 2005. This impressive facility boasts 80,000 square feet (expandable to 120,000) of manufacturing and stocking space. The facilities unique design is set up to run as two separate plants. One activity supports the production of manifolded and custom ductwork that has continually helped reduce contractor's job site labor for over 40 years, while the other part of the plant produces and stores product for a newly launched extensive representative stocking program.

    This plant also offers a state of the art oven for the application of AVRON46(R) to duct & acoustical products. These antimicrobial products are designed to resist microbial growth in the HVAC air duct system. The oven itself was constructed from SEMCO acoustical panels built at the company's Crossville, TN plant.

    The Roanoke plant's HVAC system itself consists of a combination of corporate SEMCO products. The ductwork is supplied with SEMCO's patented SuperSeal PlusTM advanced gasket joint connection system. This product reduces installation time - in fact, one man from the plant installed a significant portion of the system by himself! An Energy Recovery Unit supplied by the company's DWP division controls the humidity to provide a comfortable work environment for the plant workers.

    On April 22nd, SEMCO held an open house for over 50 representatives. The open house consisted of a training session in the morning and a tour of the facility in the afternoon.

    The training session was used to launch MicroStock, a new stocking program offered exclusively through SEMCO representatives. In addition, SEMCO introduced its latest marketing tool, the Contractor's Guide (Dollars & "Sense" of Choosing a Duct System.) This concept will be used to inform contractors of the labor saving opportunities available through the use of SEMCO's custom and manifolded duct product option.

    Following the training session, the attendees toured the new Roanoke facility. After touring the plant, the participants engaged in an installation exercise. This exercise allowed the representatives to get a "hands-on" education by challenging them to install over 40 feet of "custom" product versus the same layout from a stock program. The challenge resulted in a significant time difference between the two product offerings, demonstrating to the participants the labor efficiencies of SEMCO's custom product.

    After the tour, the representatives attended an awards banquet honoring the 2004 Top 10 Duct & Acoustical representatives. A golf outing on Saturday finished off the event.

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