SEMCO Introduces the ASCENDANT Series Active Desiccant System Affordable Low Dew Points and Customizable

  • Monday, July 1, 2013

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    The ASCENDANT™ Series provides low dew point at the lowest cost for hospital OR, archival storage and other commercial applications.

    SEMCO® LLC, Columbia, Mo., an energy-efficient HVAC equipment  and IAQ technology leader, introduces the ASCENDANT™ Series, a conventional cooling system combining active desiccant dehumidification hybrid system with regeneration input at the HVAC industry's lowest cost of installation and operation.

    Available in five standard models ranging up to 20,000-cfm, the ASCENDANT Series is ideal for hospital operating room, archival and dry storage, hotel/condo buildings, and other applications requiring low dew point temperatures and supply air humidity levels as low as 15 grains.

    The ASCENDANT design can operate as a partial or dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS), or as a true variable air volume (VAV) unit.  Compared to conventional mechanical DX or chiller systems, an ASCENDANT provides up to three-times more dehumidification capacity, achieves dew point temperatures as low as 20°F and uses up to 60-percent less cooling input. An ASCENDANT allows the building HVAC system to run more efficiently by utilizing higher coil air discharge and central plant suction temperatures, thus its performance specifications surpass ASHRAE 90.1 building energy, ASHRAE 170 ventilation and ASHRAE 62.1 indoor air quality (IAQ) standards.

    An ASCENDANT also operates without the need for exhaust energy recovery, a feature making it ideal for hospital operating rooms, archival storage and other applications requiring 100-percent outdoor air when exhaust air is unavailable. As latent loads are handled mostly by inexpensive hot water, steam, waste heat or direct gas-fired regeneration energy, the ASCENDANT Series is 50 to 75-percent more efficient than conventional DX dehumidifiers using compressors alone.

    This energy-saving potential is maximized with SEMCO's on-board, integrated direct digital control (DDC) that optimizes the system operation to achieve the most flexible air temperatures and relative humidity (RH) combination in the industry. The DDC uses customized algorithms and factory-installed sensors for optimal space condition management compared to more traditional approaches.

    The ASCENDANT Series offers additional benefits of:

    project upfront cooling equipment capital costs are greatly reduced due to an energy-efficient design requires up to 60-percent less cooling capacity of conventional DX systems;
    variable speed supply and regeneration fan drives options are available;
    single-point electrical package reduces installation costs;
    HEPA or ULPA filtration options can be added to standard ASHRAE-required MERV filtration;
    ideal as a VAV or DOAS system for passive or active chilled beams;
    optional exhaust air total energy wheel with less than 0.045-percent contaminant cross-contamination;
    and factory testing of all wiring, controls and components for single-source responsibility.
    For more information on SEMCO's desiccant wheels, chilled beams and ERV products, please visit; email; or call 1-573-443-1481.

    About SEMCO: Since its founding in 1963 as a sheet metal fabrication company with five employees, SEMCO has built a reputation as a worldwide product innovator in the science of air movement, noise abatement, energy efficiency and indoor air quality with more than 200 employees and more than 200 manufacturer's representatives.  Major product lines include energy recovery, dehumidification equipment and chilled. SEMCO also maintains its strength as the leading spiral metal HVAC duct and acoustics products manufacturer. SEMCO is a Fläkt Woods company based in Columbia, Mo. SEMCO operates three manufacturing facilities in Morrilton, Ark., Petit Jean, Ark., and Roanoke, Va. SEMCO also operates an ASHRAE 84-compliant research and development facility dedicated to the innovation of new products for the 21st Century and beyond. For more information, please visit; email; or call 1-573-443-1481.