Air Distribution And Sound

  • SEMCO's PANL Solutions offer a range of quality systems designed to outperform the competition and save you money. SEMCO's Acoustic/Thermal Panels offer performance-engineered field built assemblies made of quality constructed double wall panels. The SEMCO Modular Panel Duct Systems are designed specifically to be an affordable substitute for engineers and contractors when designing and installing double wall rectangular duct to connect duct systems to plenums or housings. Compare SEMCO's PANL Solutions in this two-page brochure.

    SEMCO has manufactured quality round and oval duct and fittings since 1963. In addition to offering the economies of standardization and mass production, SEMCO will work with you on products that require a high degree of customization. SEMCO offers standard dimensions, construction and accessories for spiral ducts and fittings, while non-standard sizes, gauges, materials, dimensions, reinforcing, configuration and joints types are available when required.

    silent-air-soundEngineered to fit your application, our Silent Air silencers are designed to reduce noise in specific octave bands or across a wide range of noise levels. Available in round, rectangular, elbow, or return grille designs, they are the perfect solution for all of your noise pollution issues.

    For more information on Custom Air, download our Custom Air Duct Catalog.

    For more information on Silent Air, download our Silent Air Sound Catalog


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