Spiral Duct

  • custom-air-ductSEMCO spiral round and flat-oval duct systems provide you with the advantages of automation and mass production without the expense of investing in the required equipment. These products can be custom built for your project or can be purchased through a stocking distributor in your area for common diameters and lengths.  Either way, you get a high quality manufactured product with the ability to create custom parts as needed to support your project. SEMCO offers architectually-appealing exposed duct with powder coating options.

    Why is spiral duct the way to go? Read this article from "Buildings" for just a few reasons!

    The transfer and collection of particulate matter through a duct system often requires unique design parameters. We offer many of the fittings necessary to prevent clogging or congestion in industrial duct systems as standard. In addition, we will work with you to customize and produce products to satisfy any of your special design requirements.

    This product is eligible for AVRON46® coating which provides proven protection to HVAC air duct systems where mold and other fungi are of particular concern.  To read more about this option, click here.


    Standing Ovation for Arena Spiral Duct Delivery, Installation - Article in Contracting Business.

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    Learn how to design smarter with SEMCO's "Efficient Duct System Design" guidelines.