Fire Panels

  • Introducing the FR-PANL™ Fire Rated panel, a National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 251 compliant acoustical/thermal panel for applications such as HVAC systems and power generating enclosures, plenums, ductwork and structural wall barriers.

    The FR-PANL series consists of a one-hour fire panel and a two-hour fire panel. These are the industry's only certified fire protection panels that are also building code-compliant for use in structural, acoustical, and thermal applications.

    The FR-PANL has been successfully tested by Intertek under UL-263 “Standard for Fire Tests of Building Construction and Materials” using ASTM-E119 test criteria. Its significantly low thermal transfer rate allows our Two-Hour FR-PANL to exceed two hours of protection while our 60-Minute FR-PANL exceeds one hour of protection during fire events.

    In addition to built-in fire resistance, FläktGroup SEMCO panels are inherently easier to assemble because of their quick-installing tongue-and-groove design. This is superior to competing panel brands which require excessive field-applied fasteners increasing both the material and labor costs.

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