EP Series

  • FläktGroup SEMCO's EP Series offers the ultimate performance in the transfer of total energy (both latent and sensible). It is available as both a single (EP) or dual (EPD) wheel system. Pre-engineered and factory assembled, the EP Series system also provides the air handling capability for the building's exhaust and supply air. The system can be selected to precondition outdoor air going to other conventional air handling systems or as an integrated system that provides total space conditioning with additional heating and cooling options available. The airflow range of the EP/EPD system is 2000 to 70,000 cfm.

    The heart of this system is a technologically advanced True 3Å desiccant wheel. In addition to providing superior performance, the wheel's 3Å molecular sieve-desiccant coating is selective in what it adsorbs from an exhaust air stream. The desiccant rejects airborne contaminants while it transfers water vapor, thus providing total energy transfer from the exhaust to the supply air stream. Selectivity allows True 3Å to be used in critical applications, including recovery from contaminated air streams.

    In the past, energy recovery was avoided or limited to sensible-only energy exchange in applications like these.
    By using the desiccant coating, True 3Å recovers the moisture from the exhaust air stream to the supply air stream without the airborne pollutants exchanging. This very important and unique feature has been well documented through independent laboratory and field-testing.