QPVA Passive

  • Eurovent CertifiedThe QPVA passive chilled beam provides for the cooling in a room. QPVA (width 22.5") is a broad passive chilled beam. Passive chilled beams are either ceiling installed, in which case they lie flush with the suspended ceiling, or free space installed without ceiling.

    QPVA is available in lengths 4 feet to 13.75 feet at 2 foot intervals. In installations with passive chilled beams the air is supplied by means of separate supply air valves. Ceiling installation or free space installation.

    • Exposed or Ceiling Flush - Passive
    • High cooling capacity
    • Easy maintenance (cleaning)
    • Easy installation (fastening brackets)
    • Flexibility in water pipe connection position
    • False ceiling/free hanging installation
    • Galvanized steel casing
    • Integrated Lighting (option)


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