• Economizer is designed to enhance the SEMCO FV-T and SP enthalpy recovery modules. Reference enthalpy control, plus dewpoint control and lower fan power consumption is an investment in indoor air quality and energy savings. 

    The SEMCO Economizer is a step ahead of the competition by combining a high-efficiency ERV with an advanced integrated economizer capability in compliance with ASHRAE 90.1 - 2013. All models are designed with true 100% outdoor economizer airflow capability, the lowest overall fan energy, and the highest total energy wheel efficiency to improve system EERs and minimize installed cooling/heating/humidification capacities. Each model also contains advanced controls interlocking compressors with economizer modulation, advanced differential enthalpy control for optimum energy savings and space humidity control.

    The Economizer features low-leak dampers (<3 CFM/sq. ft), proper separation of intake and exhaust, and the lowest fan energy in the industry. With SEMCO Economizer and an FV-T, or SP enthalpy recovery ventilation system, you will reduce operating costs while improving indoor air quality.