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Casino Applications

The HVAC system in a casino makes a big difference in indoor air quality! FläktGroup® SEMCOTM has decades of experience in the gaming industry. Our products ensure that both customers and staff are breathing cleaner, fresher, air when our energy recovery wheel ventilation systems are utilized.     


Horseshoe Casino

Tunica, Mississippi

Project: Retrofit with energy recovery units to improve indoor air quality without interrupting business for the working hotel and casino.

Product:  EP Series, True 3Å Wheel, FV Series

Payoff: The key to providing maximum ventilation at minimum cost was the installation of four energy-recovery systems manufactured by SEMCO to supply fresh air to the casino. Each EP system provides 40,000 cubic feet per minute (cfm) of outside air. The units offer the highest performance on the market, in terms of total energy recovery (sensible and latent), with an efficiency rating of 80%. In addition to the casino’s systems, an air “pre-conditioner” was added to serve the employees’ lounge. The FV-3000 unit supplies 3000 cfm of outside air that has been pretreated by the desiccant wheel. All of the units feature True 3Å total energy recovery wheels, which use a highly selective molecular-sieve desiccant material with a minuscule (3 angstrom) pore size. Exhaust air from casinos and other buildings can contain pollutants such as tar and nicotine, as well as off-gases from carpets and construction glues and solvents – all potential contributors to poor air quality. However, the desiccant adsorbent rejects these airborne contaminants, which are passed outdoors.