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Laboratory Applications

FläktGroup® SEMCOTM True 3Å energy recovery wheels are preferred in laboratory environments because of their industry-leading capability to effectively limit contaminant transfer. True 3Å has been proven repeatedly through independent research conducted in the laboratory and in occupied buildings. Independent testing has documented the limitation of contaminant carry-over to less than .045%.   

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Baltimore, Maryland

Project: After careful evaluation by their Health & Safety Department, Johns Hopkins chose FläktGroup SEMCO True 3Å wheels for their ability to provide superior indoor air quality, low (.045%) contaminant carry-over, and energy efficiency. One hundred percent (100%) outdoor air ventilation with ten air changes per hour, per lab, was the expected minimum.

Product: FläktGroup SEMCO True 3Å Wheel

Payoff: With a $1.1 million savings in first cost compared to a conventional system and an annual energy savings of $700,000.


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Johns Hopkins