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Vertical Growing

In vertical growing applications, a properly sized HVAC system improves temperature and humidity resulting in:

  • Higher yields
  • Better, more predictable quality
  • Fewer losses to mold or poor climate conditions

FläktGroup® SEMCOTM is pleased to offer products that, when applied to indoor farming facilities, will mitigate moisture—and, therefore, mold and mildew, save energy, and improve indoor air quality. 

  • Ascendant - an energy-efficient desiccant wheel system which offers industry-low dewpoints—down to 20°F—while minimizing the tons of cooling input

  • Neuton and active chilled beams - when applied with Ascendant, offer tight temperature and humidity control using chilled water. Low maintenance and quiet, this system allows for precise air distribution at the temperature and humidity your plants require. The system can be designed for heating, cooling, or both. 

With FläktGroup SEMCO products, indoor growers will gain a reliable, low-maintenance system which will offer a payback over an off-the-shelf system due to the increased energy efficiency and increased revenue available to the farmer through crop steering, made possible by better temperature and humidity control, producing higher quality, more predictable crops.

Contact us or your local sales representative, for more information on how to design or retrofit your indoor farm, cannabis facility, or greenhouse with a FläktGroup SEMCO solution.




FläktGroup SEMCO Vertical Growing