Data Centers

  • We Promise to keep you cool

    A Data Center is a specialist facility that must maintain ideal conditions for computer systems and accompanying components, such as server racks for storage or telecommunications.

    As we are all aware our modern society runs on the reliability of computer systems worldwide, many businesses must depend upon these specialist buildings and associated air conditioning systems to keep their data from being compromised. If a system becomes unavailable then a company might have to cease all operations completely until the issue can be fixed. Or in the worst cases, data could simply be lost.

    An all-year-round solution must be implemented, whether you’re cooling a single server or a room full of server racks the air temperature is critical to maintaining the full functionality of your data center. Computer hardware can produce a lot of heat; our products and solutions will help to ensure the safe and continued operation of your electronic storage without generating huge costs.

    Products & Solutions

    Our efficient data center, and more specifically our server room, cooling solutions from FläktGroup SEMCO provide excellent sustainable systems with exceptionally low running costs.