Health Care

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    Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center

    Fort Hood, Texas

    Project: The goal of the project was to create a modern version of the original center that would provide a long-lasting, state of the art healing environment. Seeking an efficient solution that would provide housing for their very large HVAC system, Southland Industries contractors chose FläktGroup SEMCO to supply over 67,000 square feet of acoustic AT-PANLs and MD-PANL Solutions.

    Product: AT-PANL Solutions (Acoustic Thermal Panel System) and MD-PANL Solutions (Modular Duct Panel System)

    Payoff: The HVAC units at the CRDAMC include a 100 percent dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) composed of 21 wheels, 14 feet in diameter, house six free-standing wheel enclosures made of SEMCO AT-PANL Solutions. The air is distributed into massive 162 X 72 inch ductwork made of SEMCO MD-PANL Solutions.

    FläktGroup SEMCO’s MD-PANL Solutions were also used to create two massive 100 and 175 feet long plenums.

    Download the Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center Case Study.




    Floyd Medical Center

    Rome, Georgia

    Project: Surgical suites requiring accurate dew point, humidity, and temperature control coupled with efficiency, comfort, and optimum space conditions.

    Product: Pinnacle DOASTrue 3Å Wheels

    Payoff: A dual wheel Pinnacle unit that pre-treats 100% outside air, lowering both latent and sensible temperature before the air ever reaches the main air handler or VAV boxes serving the surgical suite. In contrast to some other energy recovery systems,  Pinnacle responds to various combinations of temperature and humidity conditions. Since Pinnacle removes moisture from the air, the downstream AHUs needn't overcool to provide dry air to surgical spaces.

    Download the SEMCO Floyd Medical Center Case Study

    Centre Hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal

    Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    Project: The indoor air climate will be made up of 100% outside air, in lieu recirculated air from traditional air handling equipment. For their part, SEMCO will provide a total of 47 energy recovery units which will supply 2.8 million cubic feet per minute (cfm) of outside air.

    Product: AT-PANL Solutions (Acoustic Thermal Panel System), EP energy recovery systems, True 3Å Wheels

    Payoff: FläktGroup SEMCO provided a total of 47 energy recovery units and approximately 250,000 sq. ft. of acoustic/thermal plenums and extended plenum systems to supply 2.8 million cubic feet per minute (CFM) of outside air. At the heart of each unit is the SEMCO True 3Å heat recovery enthalpy wheels which provide exceptional air treatment and the highest level of energy recovery, translating to dollars of energy saved, resulting in significant savings over the life of building. This is of considerable importance given the need to reduce contaminants and control the rising cost of healthcare.

    The Glen at Willow Valley

    Lancaster, Pennsylvania

    Project: Stringent requirements for efficiency, outdoor air, and low maintenance at a 140,000 square foot assisted living and life care facility led the design team to SEMCO for a solution. 

    Product: Dual Wheel Energy Recovery Systems with True 3Å Wheels

    Payoff: The system provides 30,000 cfm of treated outside air and recovers 75% of the energy contained in the exhaust air stream. The energy recovery system dehumidifies the incoming fresh air, which reduces the latent load on the refrigeration system and allows the system to run drier. The cost of the mechanical system was 15% lower than in similar life care facilities and operates approximately 35% more efficiently than conventional systems today. Energy use is 45,000 BTUH/sq. ft. compared to the guidelines of 160,000 BTUH/sq. ft. for nursing homes.

    Download the SEMCO Glen at Willow Valley Case Study