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    Hilton Garden Inn

    Atlanta, Georgia

    Project: High-capacity, energy efficient energy recovery equipment was needed to allow for superior indoor air quality and guest comfort

    Product: Pinnacle

    Payoff: Humidity is kept comfortably low (50% or lower) during the cooling season, improving comfort and preventing mold. Guestroom toilet exhaust and general exahust utilized to pre-condition outdoor air, relieving in-room units of any latent load Supply air from the Pinnacle units pressurizes the hotel’s corridors and common areas with semineutral, dehumidified air.

    Download the SEMCO Hilton Garden Inn Case Study

    ocean-towers-semcoOcean Towers at Hammock Beach Resort
    Palm Coast, Florida

    Project: High efficiency system that could withstand the harsh and humid coastal environment while meeting (or exceeding) Florida’s strict guidelines requiring positive pressurization and outside air. 

    Product: Pinnacle

    Payoff: Each of the five Pinnacle units specified for Ocean Towers includes a total energy wheel, a supply side cooling coil, a passive dehumidification wheel, and a return air-heating coil. The system provides100% outside air at a comfortable humidity level without the typical energy penalty. It is a fiscally and environmentally responsible design, not only because of its efficiency, but because it inherently reduces the potential for mold, which is a major concern for any multi-family property, particularly in semi-tropical areas like Florida.

    Download the SEMCO Ocean Towers Case Study