• Industrial production processes and the health of employees allow for no compromises in air filtration and air treatment

    In all kinds of industry and manufacturing, FläktGroup SEMCO creates healthy working conditions. That these conditions save energy and costs as well is part of our essential obligation in a value-added partnership.

    The toughest part in industrial air purification and air treatment is the modular design of high-performance air treatment systems. 

    Whether your need is for fire safety, precise dehumidifciation, 100% ventilation or superior indoor air quality, FläktGroup SEMCO has you covered!

    charnock-well-fieldCharnock Well Field
    Santa Monica, California

    Project: A massive plant restoration, which included advanced carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, and pressure filtration processes, required a noise abatement plan

    Product: AT-PANL Solutions (Acoustic Thermal Panel System)

    Payoff: FläktGroup SEMCO customized a total of 20 acoustic enclosures for booster pumps and vertical turbine pumps at the Charnock plant.  Each enclosure included an access door for minor servicing.  The enclosures also included cut-outs which allowed heat from the pumps to exit and dissipate.


    Novartis Manufacturing Facility
    Holly Springs, NC

    Project: A complex duct job with multiple systems, and duct sizes, and pressure classes – plus all of the certification requirements for welds and materials that are typical of pharmaceutical work.

    Product: Custom Air Duct System

    Payoff: The initial schedule for the Novartis project, approximately 5 months from start to completion for the ductwork, seemed to be on the edge of physical impossibility. Midway through the project, the onsite material storage area was exhausted, but in order to meet the aggressive schedule, production and shipment had to continue. FläktGroup SEMCO worked to keep material flowing out of the shop and into trailers, while sitting on select loads in order to allow Gamewell Mechanical to get material hung and make way for more. In the end, 96% of the material was shipped in a 4-month period.

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