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    2.0 University Place

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Project: Highest efficiency required to attain LEED Platinum certification

    Product: IQHC Active Chilled beams and Pinnacle DOAS

    Payoff: Daily energy tracking reveals the building ranks in the upper 22-percentile of Energy Star Program facilities nationwide and it exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 Energy Standards by 44%.
    Chilled beams provide a continual convection of air comfort benefits with no drafts, no noise and stable temperature tolerances of ±1°F.

    Green HVACR - 2.0 University Place Features Chilled Beam Technology

    Download the SEMCO 2.0 University Place Case Study

    717 Fifth Avenue
    New York City

    Project: A 1.6 MW cogeneration plant was installed atop a 13-story section of a 26-story office building in Manhattan. The challenge was that the owners didn't want the plant to be seen or heard.

    Product: AT-PANL Solutions (Acoustic Thermal Panel System)

    Payoff: FläktGroup SEMCO designed a modular sound-attenuated enclosure to allow the cogeneration plant to blend seamlessly into the high-end Manhatten business district where it would reside. Visually and acoustically the structure met each and every one of the client’s demanding needs, proving that cogeneration plants are a viable solution in even the most discriminating urban areas.

    Download the 5th Avenue Case Study

    The Tower at PNC Plaza
    Pittsburgh, PA

    Project: A 33-story, 800,000 square foot skyscraper, The Tower at PNC Plaza was designed as a paragon of energy efficiency and sustainability.

    Product: Pinnacle DOAS, EP, True 3Å Wheel

    Payoff: With a LEED scorecard of 86 out of 110 possible points, The Tower at PNC Plaza obtained a LEED Platinum certification. The building surpasses ASHRAE 90.1-2007 energy standards by 50%. In addition to its energy efficiency, The Tower at PNC Plaza boasts superior indoor air quality and occupant comfort.

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