• Pepe Luxury Cars
    New Rochelle, NY

    Project: Exposed ductwork that looked good enough to hang in a high-end Mercedes dealership.

    Product: DecoCoat PC™ - Powder Coated Duct System

    Payoff: Mike Kelly of ABM Air Conditioning, a long-time customer of FläktGroup SEMCO, provided the decision makers with two samples of DecoCoat PC™, one with the powder coating in Mercedes Silver and the other in typical hand painted style for comparison. It was not even comparable. DecoCoat PC™ had a much cleaner looking surface which the client preferred by a wide margin. According to Mr. Kelley, “The Pepe Automotive Group is very happy with the end result, and I’d recommend SEMCO to anyone. Plus, they stand behind their products with prompt, professional customer service.”

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