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    Huntingdon-Center-ductHuntingdon Center
    Toldedo, Ohio

    Project: A new stadium erected in a busy downtown with no area for storage required required precise delivery on demand of its massive spiral ductwork system.

    Product: Custom Air Duct System

    Payoff: FläktGroup SEMCO provided the entire length of the pre-insulated, double-wall spiral duct as well as interior duct for the perimeter spaces of the arena. All of the duct was fabricated at FläktGroup SEMCO’s manufacturing facility in Roanoke, Virginia and then shipped directly to the jobsite every other day in order to coincide perfectly with the strict installation schedule. We’ve made custom ductwork a standard at FläktGroup SEMCO. Spot-on delivery without compromising quality is something we really focus on. We understand that a delayed delivery can result in a chain reaction of delays that jeopardize the project and cost our customers money.

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    Novartis Manufacturing Facility
    Holly Springs, NC

    Project: A complex duct job with multiple systems, and duct sizes, and pressure classes – plus all of the certification requirements for welds and materials that are typical of pharmaceutical work.

    Product: Custom Air Duct System

    Payoff: The initial schedule for the Novartis project, approximately 5 months from start to completion for the ductwork, seemed to be on the edge of physical impossibility. Midway through the project, the onsite material storage area was exhausted, but in order to meet the aggressive schedule, production and shipment had to continue. FläktGroup SEMCO worked to keep material flowing out of the shop and into trailers, while sitting on select loads in order to allow Gamewell Mechanical to get material hung and make way for more. In the end, 96% of the material was shipped in a 4-month period.

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    Pepe Luxury Cars
    New Rochelle, NY

    Project: Exposed ductwork that looked good enough to hang in a high-end Mercedes dealership.

    Product: DecoCoat PC™ - Powder Coated Duct System

    Payoff: Mike Kelly of ABM Air Conditioning, a long-time customer of FläktGroup SEMCO, provided the decision makers with two samples of DecoCoat PC™, one with the powder coating in Mercedes Silver and the other in typical hand painted style for comparison. It was not even comparable. DecoCoat PC™ had a much cleaner looking surface which the client preferred by a wide margin. According to Mr. Kelley, “The Pepe Automotive Group is very happy with the end result, and I’d recommend SEMCO to anyone. Plus, they stand behind their products with prompt, professional customer service.”

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    Lucas Oil Football Stadium
    Indianapolis, IN

    Project: Massive ductwork - some pieces over 9-1/2 feet in diameter - needed to deliver 1.3 million cfm of fresh air to over 60,000 attendees at an Indianpolis Colts football game.

    Product: Custom Air Duct System

    Payoff: 1,486 linear feet of Semco 2-inch dual wall spiral duct snakes around the perimeter of the stadium, supplying all the conditioned air to the bowl. The interior duct is made of perforated steel and the exterior duct is galvanized sheet metal, with two inches of fiberglass insulation sandwiched in between. The stadium bowl ductwork will deliver conditioned air from supply air discharge plenums in all four corners of the stadium, with each quadrant being served by four dedicated air handling units (AHUs). Supply air from each set of four AHU’s discharges into a larger common discharge plenum, which has multiple taps from it that supply the spiral duct in the arena bowl. The sheet metal is bent and crimped to achieve true spiral seaming; it is not rolled and welded which would have been unacceptable in appearance.