Fusion 3A

  • The SEMCO Fusion 3A wheel has been developed to optimize total recovery performance and wheel pressure loss, while limiting desiccant contaminant carry-over in a manner consistent with other 3A molecular sieve wheels. The Fusion 3A has been designed for projects where limiting contaminant transfer is desired but achieving competitive bidding is considered more important.

    The Fusion 3A incorporates the same high-grade 3A molecular sieve and binding system used to produce the SEMCO True 3Å wheel. However, the Fusion 3A is produced without the use of SEMCO’s propriety 27 step process necessary to stabilize the cations and achieve true 3 angstrom behavior. While the Fusion 3A does not limit contaminant carry-over to the degree possible with the SEMCO True 3Å wheel, the cost of manufacturing the product is significantly reduced, allowing us to offer our OEM customers a more “competitive,” second tier 3A product.

    Fusion 3A delivers the highest total energy recovery performance and recovery efficiency ratios (RER) of any certified 200 mm recovery wheel available.

    Standard Product Features:

    • Industry’s highest recovery performance (AHRI Certified) and Recovery Efficiency Ratios (RER)
    • 200 mm deep transfer media
    • Reduced contaminant carry-over – equal to or better than other competitors’ wheels marketed as using a 3A molecular sieve (See Figure 3)
    • Anti-corrosion face coating standard