FläktGroup SEMCO History

Since its founding in 1963 as a sheet metal fabrication company with five employees, FläktGroup SEMCO has built a reputation as a world-wide product innovator in the science of air movement, noise abatement, and air quality, with more than 300 employees and more than 300 manufacturer’s representatives. We at FläktGroup SEMCO are proud of our rich history of industry-leading technology and  product development.

FläktGroup SEMCO is a part of FläktGroup with headquarters in Columbia, Missouri and manufacturing facilities in Arkansas and Virginia.

The facility in Roanoke, Virginia produces high quality spiral, rolled, round, and oval duct products for commercial, architectural and industrial HVAC applications. The Arkansas plants fabricate packaged energy recovery equipment and desiccant-based wheel products for the commercial, industrial and institutional HVAC markets.

In addition, FläktGroup SEMCO also has an extensive, Columbia, Missouri based, ASHRAE 84 compliant research and development facility dedicated to the development of new products for the 21st Century and beyond.

FläktGroup SEMCO Timeline

  • 1963: SEMCO founded as sheet metal fabrication plant

  • 1978: Introduced FP air handling unit

  • 1987: Developed 3Å molecular desiccant

  • 1993: Launched FV series and Microlink estimating software

  • 1998: Georgia Tech study on 3Å effectiveness

  • 1999: First intelligent ventilation system - Pinnacle; ASHRAE 84 compliant R&D facility opened

  • 2003: True 3Å wheel first installed into major research labs at Johns Hopkins

  • 2007: SEMCO acquired by FläktWoods

  • 2011: Developed high capacity chilled beam for US market

  • 2014: UWC wheel designed to serve broad HVAC market

  • 2015: ASCENDANT active desiccant system developed; partnership secured with Nichas

  • 2016: Patent award for NEUTON chilled beam pump module

  • 2016: ASCENDANT and NEUTON both awarded Innovation Awards at 2016 AHR Expo; NEUTON product of the year in 2 industry publications

  • 2016: DencoHappel and Fläktwoods successfully merge to form FläktGroup.

  • 2017: NFPA-certified fire rated panels introduced; Econet and LYRA II introduced to US Market at AHR 2017

  • 2018: SEMCO: A FlaktGroup Brand becomes FläktGroup SEMCO