FläktGroup SEMCO Key Facts


FläktGroup SEMCO is a unique indoor environment products manufacturer serving the key disciplines of air distribution, noise abatement, temperature, and humidity control in the commercial and industrial building markets. FläktGroup SEMCO employs approximately 300 people and was founded in Salisbury, Missouri in 1963.


  • FläktGroup SEMCO’s corporate office and test facility is located in Columbia, Missouri.
  • The company operates three manufacturing facilities in the following locations:
    • Morrilton, Arkansas
    • Petit Jean, Arkansas
    • Roanoke, Virginia
  • In addition, FläktGroup SEMCO also has an extensive, Columbia, Missouri based, ASHRAE 84 compliant research and development facility dedicated to the development of new products for the 21st Century and beyond.
  • Our sales distribution base consists of not only select, highly profitable distributors and agent/representative franchises with exclusive geographical territories, but also original equipment manufacturers.

Recent Awards

  • 2016 Innovation Award in Plumbing for NEUTON® presented at the annual AHR Expo
  • 2016 Innovation Award in Indoor Air Quality for ASCENDANT® presented at the annual AHR Expo
  • 2016 New Product of the Year Award for NEUTON® presented by School Planning and Management
  • 2016 New Product of the Year Award for NEUTON®  presented by College Planning and Management
  • 2017 Dealer Design Award for NEUTON®  presented by ACHR News
  • 2018 Top Ten Green Building Products Award presented by BuildingGreen at the 2017 GreenBuild Expo

Significant Innovations

  • 1978 - Introduces the FP Series air handling unit
  • 1987 - Develops a 3 angstrom molecular desiccant for use in energy recovery wheels
  • 1993- Introduces the first unitary fresh air ventilator – the FV series
  • 1993- Launches first custom duct and acoustical estimating software program – Microlink™
  • 1996 - Introduces media free sound attenuators
  • 1998 - Develops AQFlow® a real-time airflow measuring system for the FV series
  • 1999 - Develops first intelligent ventilation system - the Pinnacle® system
  • 2002 - Introduces first SuperSeal™ duct system
  • 2003 - Launches AVRON46® antimicrobial coating
  • 2004 - Develops next generation of self-sealing gasketed product - SuperSeal Plus™
  • 2005 - Launches Revolution® active desiccant-vapor compression hybrid unit
  • 2015 - Launches ASCENDANT™ active desiccant conventional cooling hybrid
  • 2015 - Launches NEUTON™ controlled chilled beam pump module
  • 2016 - Wins AHR Expo 2016 Innovation Awards for NEUTON™ (Plumbing Category) and ASCENDANT™ (Indoor Air Quality Category)


  • FläktGroup SEMCO is part of FläktGroup, a leading player in energy-efficient air climate for buildings and air movement for Industry with a unique range of products for ventilation, air treatment and air diffusion improving indoor air quality and operating costs.
  • In 2016, DencoHappel and Fläkt Woods joined forces to create a market leader in energy efficient indoor air technology solutions, FläktGroup. FläktGroup is the new European market leader for energy efficient Indoor Air Technology Solutions, providing our Customers with the highest quality standards for improved Air Comfort and well being. Visit the FläktGroup website.