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Computer Room Air Handling (CRAH)



Servers in data centers produce large amounts of heat and use sizeable amounts of energy making them expensive to cool. Data center servers also hold important information that must be protected. FläktGroup® SEMCO®’s computer room air handling (CRAH) units help to keep data center equipment running smoothly by maintaining ideal temperatures and humidity levels. FläktGroup SEMCO’s CRAH units are reliable and require little maintenance during their lifetime — keeping servers up and running and eliminating periods of downtime.

FläktGroup SEMCO’s CRAH systems circulate warm air within the data center over water chilled coils effectively transferring heat from the air to chiller cooled water. This cooling process, combined with variable speed EC fan walls, variable speed drives, and control valves ensures removal of both latent and sensible heat quickly and efficiently, regardless of outdoor air temperatures. This approach controls humidity. Left unchecked, humidity can lead to electrostatic discharge and corrosion, which may damage servers. Leveraging water chilled coils is less expensive than refrigerant coils and can be set to chill at non-peak hours, saving energy. FläktGroup SEMCO’s CRAH systems are designed for medium to large sized data centers, because they are more energy efficient and are easy to expand if more room is needed.


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