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Exploring innovative new technologies with an emphasis on energy efficiency and environmental stewardship is important to our clients.    


2.0 University Place

Philadelphia, PA


Project: Highest efficiency required to attain LEED Platinum certification

Product: IQHC Active Chilled beams and Pinnacle® DOAS

Payoff: Daily energy tracking reveals the 2.0 University Place building ranks in the upper 22-percentile of Energy Star Program facilities nationwide and it exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 Energy Standards by 44%. Chilled beams provide a continual convection of air comfort benefits with no drafts, no noise, and stable temperature tolerances of ±1°F.

Read the article in Green HVACR


Download the 2.0 University Place Case Study


717 Fifth Avenue

New York city, NY


Project: A 1.6 MW cogeneration plant was installed atop a 13-story section of a 26-story office building in Manhattan. The challenge was that the owners didn't want the plant to be seen or heard.

Product: AT-Panel Solutions (Acoustic Thermal Panel System)

Payoff: FläktGroup SEMCO designed a modular sound-attenuated enclosure to allow the cogeneration plant to blend seamlessly into the high-end Manhatten business district where it would reside. Visually and acoustically the structure met each and every one of the client’s demanding needs, proving that cogeneration plants are a viable solution in even the most discriminating urban areas.


Download the 717 Fifth Avenue Case Study


The Tower at PNC Plaza

Pittsburgh, PA


Project: A 33-story, 800,000 square foot skyscraper, The Tower at PNC Plaza was designed as a paragon of energy efficiency and sustainability.

Product: Pinnacle® DOAS, EP, True 3Å Wheel

Payoff: With a LEED scorecard of 86 out of 110 possible points, The Tower at PNC Plaza obtained a LEED Platinum certification. The building surpasses ASHRAE 90.1-2007 energy standards by 50%. In addition to its energy efficiency using energy recovery, The Tower at PNC Plaza boasts superior indoor air quality and occupant comfort.


Download the Tower at PNC Plaza Case Study


Pepe Luxury Cars

New Rochelle, NY


Project: Exposed ductwork that looked good enough to hang in a high-end Mercedes dealership.

Product: DecoCoat PC™ - Powder Coated Duct System

Payoff: Mike Kelly of ABM Air Conditioning, a long-time customer of FläktGroup SEMCO, provided the decision makers with two samples of DecoCoat PC™, one with the powder coating in Mercedes Silver and the other in typical hand painted style for comparison. It was not even comparable. DecoCoat PC™ had a much cleaner looking surface which the client preferred by a wide margin. According to Mr. Kelley, “The Pepe Automotive Group is very happy with the end result, and I’d recommend SEMCO to anyone. Plus, they stand behind their products with prompt, professional customer service.”


Download the Pepe Luxury Cars Case Study


Charnock Well Field

Santa Monica, CA


Project: A massive plant restoration, which included advanced carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, and pressure filtration processes, required a noise abatement plan

Product: AT-Panel Solutions (Acoustic Thermal Panel System)

Payoff: FläktGroup SEMCO customized a total of 20 acoustic enclosures for booster pumps and vertical turbine pumps at the Charnock plant. Each enclosure included an access door for minor servicing. The enclosures also included cut-outs which allowed heat from the pumps to exit and dissipate.






Novartis Manufacturing Facility

Holly Springs, NC


Project: A complex duct job with multiple systems, and duct sizes, and pressure classes – plus all of the certification requirements for welds and materials that are typical of pharmaceutical work.

Product: Custom Air Duct System

Payoff: The initial schedule for the Novartis project, approximately 5 months from start to completion for the ductwork, seemed to be on the edge of physical impossibility. Midway through the project, the onsite material storage area was exhausted, but in order to meet the aggressive schedule, production and shipment had to continue. FläktGroup SEMCO worked to keep material flowing out of the shop and into trailers, while sitting on select loads in order to allow Gamewell Mechanical to get material hung and make way for more. In the end, 96% of the material was shipped in a 4-month period.


Download the Novartis Manufacturing Facililty Case Study