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FläktGroup SEMCO AIA Webinars for CEU Credit

Energy Recovery Wheels Webinar

Attendees will learn about:

  • total recovery and sensible recovery
  • features exhibited in a quality energy recovery wheel
  • expected energy savings from using energy recovery wheels in HVAC systems
  • purge systems featured in some energy recovery wheels.

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Chilled Beams Webinar

Learn about the benefits of using chilled beams including:

  • the lowest pressure high capacity beam
  • reliable operation and long life expectancy
  • utilization of low pressure coils and slots in lieu of nozzles for energy savings
  • field selectable duct connections
  • reduced plenum height requiring less ceiling and mechanical room space
  • low maintenance with few moving parts - no filters or drain pans needed

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Panel Solutions Webinar

  • Learn about the benefits of using panel solutions including:
  • assurance to hit required R-Value and U-Value
  • structural, acoustical, and thermal performance
  • lower installation costs with tongue-and-groove assembly - no screws or caulk needed
  • computer-aided structural steel design to reduce overkill of structural design

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FläktGroup SEMCO Product Webinars

AVRON 46® Webinar

AVRON 46 is an affordable way to reduce the growth and spread of 95% of microbial activity in HVAC components and panels. This is especially ideal for critical health applications, elderly living facilities, and education facilities.

Visit our AVRON 46 webpage.

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3fficiency Webinar

The award-winning 3fficiency system has been receiving industry recognition for providing an energy-efficient, easy-to-specify integrated HVAC system. 3fficiency uses an average of 70% less pump energy to achieve better comfort than traditional equipment. The system also reduces airflow by 50% or more, saving motor horsepower. 3fficiency improves upon a traditional chilled beam design by reducing piping and simplifying building controls.

Visit our 3fficiency webpage.

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Fire Panel Webinar

This webinar will go over the FläktGroup SEMCO FR-Panel Series. Our one-hour and two-hour fire panels are the only certified fire protection panels that are also building code-compliant for use in structural, acoustical, and thermal applications. Learn about how these NFPA compliant panels offer an extra layer of protection in the event of a fire.

Visit our FR-Panel webpage.

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Pinnacle® II Webinar

This webinar will go over the FläktGroup SEMCO Pinnacle II product. The Pinnacle II expands the FläktGroup SEMCO Pinnacle Series dehumidification capabilities and optimizes temperature control. The Pinnacle II is able to dehumidify outdoor air as low as 35 grains and features the same components as the Pinnacle I, but also incorporates a second DX trim coil with a variable speed compressor.

Visit our Pinnacle Series webpage.

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ElitePro Series Webinar

The ElitePro Series is a pre-engineered and factory assembled energy recovery unit that offers the ultimate performance in the equally-balanced transfer of both latent and sensible performance. It may be used as an outdoor air pre-conditioner for an existing conventional air handling system, or as part of an integrated system, which provides total space conditioning and humidity control - humidity control that competitors struggle to deliver.

Visit our ElitePro Series webpage.

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Ascendant Webinar

This webinar will go over the FläktGroup SEMCO Ascendant series which is an ideal solution for hospital operating rooms, archival and dry storage, hotel/condo buildings, and other applications requiring low dew point temperatures and supply air humidity levels as low as 15 grains.

Visit our Ascendant webpage.

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