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Pinnacle® Series - PVS


The Pinnacle® Series, the most energy efficient DOAS, delivers outdoor air preconditioned to very low dewpoints, capable of handling all internal latent loads while supplementing space cooling and heating. It’s the only ventilation system you will ever need.

This system is the most efficient system on the market today and features the highest performing energy recovery wheel, FläktGroup® SEMCOTM’s True 3Å wheel. The Pinnacle Series supplies preconditioned outdoor air to conventional HVAC systems, allowing these systems to effectively increase outdoor air percentages.

The Pinnacle Series responds to various combinations of temperature and humidity by modulating the passive dehumidification wheel and the cooling coil. The Pinnacle Series then provides a constant stream of optimally conditioned ventilation air while exhausting your building’s stale, polluted air. It does so in a highly efficient manner, providing substantial operating savings by eliminating the need for traditional over-cooling and reheat systems.

Equally important, by optimizing the condition of your building’s supply air, the Pinnacle Series reduces the demand for overall heating and cooling capacity. That can mean substantial savings in installation costs.

Pinnacle I

The Pinnacle I system is able to dehumidify outdoor air as low as 40 grains – dewpoints unattainable with conventional systems. The Pinnacle I is comprised of a supply fan, exhaust fan, total energy recovery wheel, a cooling coil, and a passive dehumidification wheel.

Pinnacle II

The new Pinnacle II expands the Pinnacle Series dehumidification capabilities and optimizes temperature control. The Pinnacle II is able to dehumidify outdoor air as low as 35 grains and features the same components as the Pinnacle I, but also incorporates a second DX trim coil with a variable speed compressor.

The Pinnacle Series is an integral part of the energy-efficient 3fficiency system. 



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FläktGroup SEMCO Pinnacle® II - Cooling Mode


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